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Patient Stories

PhilPhil –Burke
Wrist Reconstruction

Oxford® Partial Knee Replacement

MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing

Carol and TrudyCarol & Trudy–Reston & Springfield
Knee Replacement

MPFL Reconstruction

ShaunShaunFalls Church
Meniscus Tear

Shoulder Labral Tear

LaraLaraSandy Spring, Maryland
Hip Labral Tear

AlexAlexBoston, Massachusetts
Shoulder Instability

Cervical Disc

Anterior Cervical

Jim and CoryJim & CoryFairfax and Chantilly
Rotator Cuff Repair

Extensor Tendon Repair

Knee Osteotomy

PamPamGreat Falls

MillieMillie Chantilly
Shoulder Replacement

NikkiNikki Culpepper
ACL Reconstruction

ChuckChuck Tysons Corner
Elbow Arthroscopy

JeanetteJeannette Fairfax
Spinal Fusion

TomTom Sterling
Robotic Spine Surgery

Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

Bilateral Hip Replacement

Fractured Elbow

Achilles Repair

Bilateral Hip and Knee Replacements

ACL Repair

Torn Biceps Tendon

Spine Surgery

Detached Thumb Ligament

Shoulder Repair

Fractured Leg

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


MaureenMaureenOak Hill
Non-Surgical Pain Management

Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

Knee Replacement

CherylCherylOak Hill
Reconstructive Hand Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Fractured Wrist


Shoulder Repair

ACL Repair

Knee Arthroscopy

DonnaDonnaWest Springfield
Pilates and Core Stabilization

Torn Rotator Cuff

Broken Wrist

Herniated Disc

Muscle-Sparing Total Knee Replacement

MatthewMatthewLucketts, VA
Ankle Replacement

Shoulder Rehabilitation

Shoulder Repair

Distal Biceps Tendon Repair

LaurieLauriePotomac Falls
Minimally Invasive Hip Arthroscopy

Lacerated Extensor Tendon Repair

ACL Reconstruction and Meniscus Transplant

SamSamEdgewater, MD
Shoulder Repair Surgery

Clavicle Fracture

Dislocated Kneecaps

Skier’s Thumb

Knee & Hip Replacement

Spine Deformity

Twisted Pelvis

SpiroSpiroWashington, DC
Multi-ligament Reconstruction

Achilles Tendon Reconstruction

Torn Rotator Cuff

Dupuytren’s Contracture

LeroyLeroyFalls Church

Anterior Hip Replacement

SusanSusanGreat Falls
ACL Tear

Patient Satisfaction

More than 7,700 patients completed a patient satisfaction survey in 2011. Of those surveyed, the following percentage said they would recommend OrthoVirginia to a friend or family member:

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Patient Testimonials

Physician Offices

April 2013
You may not need to continue suffering with extreme pain.  I suffered for three months during which time I was unable to sleep more than two hours at a time.  Sitting was almost impossible and walking was very painful.

My pain began mid-December, 2012.  It radiated from my lower back, down my right leg to my calf – and sometimes all the way to my ankle.  My symptoms were that of sciatica so I first tried going to a chiropractor twice a week.  After four weeks, when there was no relief from pain, I then tried going to a physical therapist twice a week.  Again there was no relief from pain and my family physician suggested I have an MRI.

The MRI clearly indicated the disc in my lower spine was herniated and leakage from the inner core was visible on the film.  No amount of physical therapy was going to repair the problem.  I knew that Dr. Thomas Mazahery successfully operated on my family physician.  Doctors always know who the good doctors are and that was all the recommendation I needed.

If you are in pain, please don’t continue to suffer.  A short 45 minute operation and I was pain free, sleeping through the night, and continuing what has been a very active life.  I am so grateful to Dr. Mazahery for his experience and his patience.  He is a very good listener.

Sterling, VA

Dr. Madden -
Too often we get caught up in day-to-day activities and fail to recognize people for the great work that they do. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Bobby Charlesworth who is a valuable member of your team.

On August 18, I took a bad fall and broke my arm while on business travel in Orlando, Florida. I flew home the next morning. I called your office from the Orlando Airport and was asked to come directly to the Reston office to be seen. I was greeted by a very warm and compassionate team of people. One individual, Bobby Charlesworth, was given the task of placing an immobilizer on my arm. Without question, this was a very painful exercise (for both of us). Bobby was so competent in accomplishing this task in a manner that was skilled, compassionate and caring. Since that time, I have been seen on a weekly basis and always greeted with a warm smile. You have assembled a very special team of people, Dr. Madden, who understand that each of your patients are unique and who treat each patient with a high level of respect to ensure the ultimate care experience. Stacy and Edwin are part of the team and also deserve a high level of praise for the contribution they make to your practice.

I feel most fortunate to have you as my physician, Dr. Madden, and to have the support of your outstanding team.

Jerri Comments:
I saw Dr. Thomas Martinelli for a bad knee and I was happy with visits I had. He's professional, friendly and seems to enjoy his work. The only thing I would suggest is to come prepared with questions, if you have them - the visits are brief and I could see how a less-prepared person might feel rushed. Comments:
Dr. Patel was the 2nd of 10 surgeons (mix of neuro and orthopedic) I consulted with regarding my condition. Within 3 minutes of looking at my MRI showing herniated discs, Dr. Patel identified something unique in my spinal cord that is really not identifiable by an MRI (OPLL) and ordered a CT scan. After reviewing the CT scan, he recommended a 1 level corpectomy - which at the time my wife and I considered a drastic procedure - but he was 100% certain he was correct. We consulted with 8 more surgeons who were all 100% certain their diagonsis was correct - but two recommended simple discetomies with fusion and plating, and 2 suggested 2-level corpectomies (strut graft and plates) with posterior rods - we were consulting with top NYC docs and Pennsylvania docs as well as top regional surgeons. After all was said and done, 6-surgeons agreed that a 1-level corpectomy would be sufficient to decompress my spinal cord. Many of the surgeons indicated they probably would not have identified some unique bone growth from the MRI and were impressed someone had spotted it from an MRI. Dr. Patel performed the procedure, and 3 days after surgery I was walking around my house recovering. Comments:
I say this without having had surgery prior to meeting Dr Mazahery. After he diagnosed my problem, I went for a second and third opinion. I was told by one of those surgeons that I would be in good hands with Dr. Mazahery. He performed the cervical discectomy and when I woke up, the excruciating pain I had suffered with for several months was gone. I feel fully recovered after 8 months. I was somewhat nervous, but Dr. Mazahery put me at ease. I trust him fully and I'd recommend him to anyone needing back or neck surgery. Comments:
I would definitely recommend Dr. Kittredge to anyone that needs an orthopaedic surgeon. Comments:
Dr Croog is a fabulous surgeon. He is attentive, kind, compassionate and has amazing credentials! I cut my hand and severed two tendons (pinky finger) and nicked a nerve in my dominant hand. I saw Dr. Croog on a Monday and my surgery was scheduled for the next day. Prior to surgery he went over everything with me again and put me at ease. He surgically repaired the tendons and addressed the nicked nerve in a two hour surgery at Fair Oaks Hospital. It has been two months since my surgery and I am doing great! Not only is Dr. Croog a superior surgeon but his practice, OrthoVirginia is fabulous and runs like a well oiled machine! The physical therapy services are within the practice and at one of my post-op appointments, Dr Croog was able to bring in my physical therapist (specializing in hand therapy) Katie Canestrano giving me comprehensive care and attention.
Spine surgery was successful. Dr. Childs was very professional and kind to not only my husband but, also to our entire family. He walked us through the entire experience before, during and after the procedure. We would highly recommend him, his naturing bed side manner was refreshing.
I've been going to Dr. Annunziata since 2008 and he is as attentive now as he was the first time I stepped into the office. Explains everything very thoroughly, let's you ask questions and doesn't rush going over the answers. I've had to make a couple emergency appointments and he has always been readily available. After doing several knee surgeries (due to the complexity of my problem), he always calls to check if everything is going well. He even provided his personal number in case anything happened after surgery and said to make sure to call him, now what doctor would do that! With a couple of more surgeries on the horizon, I would not trust any other doctor than him! I highly highly recommend him! Comments:
I've had both hips operated on by Dr. Parker and both times I received superb care. Aside from the great work that contributed to speedy recovery, I was impressed by the pleasant, bedside manner that Dr. Parker had. Both times I was at the surgery center, he came over to talk to me as soon as he walked through the door. If you have need of a excellent orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Parker is your guy. Comments:
I have gone to Dr Weingold for both knees and have never had a problem. My family has used Dr Weingold many times and has never had a problem with him. I found him to be very helpful for my wife, me and my mother and brother in law. I will use Dr Weingold again when needed and will send my friends and the rest of my family. Great doctor because he cares and will listen to your pain.
I have been a patient of Dr. George Aguiar for over four years. He has performed one surgery on me thus far -- a total knee replacement -- and I'll be using him again this Winter for shoulder surgery. Dr. Aguiar is exceedingly kind and empathetic to his patients. He's the type of doctor you wish could do ALL of your surgeries, because he inspires a total sense of security. There is no pretense or sham with this doctor. He truly cares when his patients are in pain, but never rushes to surgery. He always tries other modalities of treatment first. Unfortunately, nothing helped me. Before my TKR, Dr. Aguiar thoroughly explained the procedure and the possible risks. I was fully prepared for the surgery, but didn't have a moment's concern; I had total trust in my surgeon. I had PT at OrthoVirginia (next to their offices) and several times, he would stop in, just to see how I was doing. It meant so much to me. That's above and beyond -- but that's Dr. Aguiar. Comments:
I have been treated by Dr. Zimmer for a couple of years. He is professional, to the point and accurate in his assessments and treatments. He replaced my right knee and I could not be more pleased. He is the best!

Good experience. Successful surgery. Staff is also helpful.

RateMDs.Com Comments:
Dr. Pettrone is definitely brief and to-the-point but he's also a great doctor and an experienced surgeon. I had surgery with him last December and my stepdad has had several surgeries with him in the past many years ago. He is fast though, so come in with your questions ready.

An excellent experience overall. First doctor I can say this about. Hip surgery never pleasant but he has made it the best it could be and really seems to care about a patient's welfare and not being in discomfort.

Dr. Weingold was great with my son. He took the time to explain his condition and the steps we needed to get him back to sports. He answered all our questions thoughtfully, showed us the x-rays and prescribed the right treatment. He has taken care of our whole family and I strongly recommend him to my friends and coworkers. Comments:
Dr. Evans has treated and operated on my sister and me, in the past few years. He is absolutely the most knowledgeable, skilled, thorough, compassionate, humble and caring surgeon - and physician - that I have ever known. I would never go to any other orthopedic surgeon for my hands/arms.I am lucky and honored that he is my doctor, and consider him as part of my family which is how he views all of his patients, too, I am sure. Comments:
Excellent bedside manner, very knowledgeable, and willing to take off the "orthopedist hat" when symptoms suggest another diagnosis. By that, I mean Dr. Sumida doesn't assume everything is an orthopedic/mechanical problem, and he's not eager to slice up your knee if it could be something else. I would recommend him to anyone.

Chris Annunziata is the right man for the job! He is at the top of his game and always three steps ahead. He works with you without imposing any assumptions. He exhibits a truly outstanding professional demeanor and caring attitude. He was helpful and knowlegeable at all times and got me back to my life! I would recomend him to friends or anyone with a knee problem. His staff is also wonderful and always positive. I often came early to appointments and he came to see me early every time. I was amazed and I can say that although this was the worst problem I have ever had, (ACL reconstruction) it was the best doctor experience I have ever had as well. Thank you Dr. Annunziata! Comments:
Dr. Martinelli is an absolutely excellent physician & surgeon. Having had 2 surgeries by Dr. Martinelli & being an R.N. I could not recommend anyone more than him. Dr. Martinelli has also operated on my husband & my mother-in-law & we all received superior care throughout the entire pre & post-operative time. Dr. Martinelli is a very caring & sensitive physician who spends as much time as is needed with his patients to make sure they understand everything. I have recommended Dr. Martinelli to many people & will continue to do so.

Dear Dr. Hughes,

It has been two years since I had my back surgery. I wanted to take this occasion to express my sincere appreciation. Not a day goes by without thanking you for helping me out of the horrible misery, and allowing me to have a pain free life. Thank you, Dr. Hughes!.

Patient of Dr. Hughes

My surgeon is very professional and he is a good diagnostician. He is thorough and pleasant. His staff is pleasant and courteous. The facility is very well appointed. There are a lot of examination rooms and equipment. They have state of the art of equipment. He has a good reputation.
Patient of Dr. Lane - Fairfax office

Dear Dr. Madden & Staff, BRAVO!!! What an incredible experience I had with you all.

From hello to goodbye I could not have been in more caring, compassionate and expert hands.

The personal care meant so much and put me completely at ease. You all cared about my concerns and never hesitated to answer all of my questions.

Dr. Madden- you more than exceed your reputation. I am so more than blessed to have been your patient and to have met all of you.

Thank you all for helping me return to my full and wonderful life.

Warmest Regards,
Patient of Dr. Madden's - Reston office

We are so very grateful to OrthoVirginia. for the great care we have received. You all are the BEST!
Patient Dr. Vitek - Fairfax Office

Dear Dr. Awesome,
I just wanted to send a note thanking you for your impeccable care. Recently, I had an arthroscopic procedure done and am currenly on the mend. From initial consultation all the way through-post-op follow up, you have pretty much rocked. During our series of appointments, you earned my implicit trust via your thoroughness, confidence, guessed it..your AWESOME bedside manner. How lucky for me, because let's face it, I blindly picked you out of the provider directory, and there was no notation saying "This Doctor is Blue Cross Blue Shield approved awesome".
Patient of Dr. Avery - Arlington/Tysons Corner offices

Dear Dr. Pettrone:
I would like to thank you for the outstanding treatment that you provided me today. Your professional approach, assessment and ultimate treatment instilled a confidence that I have rarely experienced from other medical practitioners. Your ability to successfully triage my symptoms to correlate to what I presented through the verbal explanation of my injury was accurate and reassuring. You were able to disseminate the facts to determine the root cause and develop an appropriate treatment plan that was effective and the least invading. From my observations, you possess the skills, competence and expertise that I am sure most of your peers are envious of.
Patient of Dr. Sarah Pettrone - Reston/Tysons Corner offices

Outpatient Surgery Centers

Thanks for your help-Dr. Aguiar and staff was excellent from start to finish. Also, don't want to forget the front desk staff. They were so kind to me. Superior customer service at it's best.
Patient of Dr. Aguiar - Herndon Outpatient Surgery Center

In short, this whole procedure was certainly one that both Jane and us, her parents, would recommend highly if necessary at any time in the future to our friends. I suppose it is mighty good to know that you fine, capable folks are there if and when we need you.

Most sincerely, we send our thanks for what we consider a job well done!

Very truly yours,
Patient of Dr. Lefton - Outpatient Surgery Center

What a wonderful facility only topped by excellent staff. Thank you for making a scary prospect positive and enjoyable.
Patient - Herndon Outpatient Surgery Center

The BEST surgical experience I have ever had! Dr. Evans is the greatest! The nurses were wonderful before and after! SO NICE! Dr. Coleman was fabulous! Have been recommending you to everyone! It was pain free totally and has been an easy recovery! What a great group of nurses and doctors!
Patient of Dr. Evans - Outpatient Surgery Center

Very nice experience and I would absolutely use this facility again! Clean, orderly, attractive and relaxing. Staffed by caring, polite, friendly people that spent time with me and explained everything thoroughly.
Patient - Outpatient Surgery Center

I am very pleased and impressed with my care during and after my surgical procedure. Three different caregivers called me after my surgery to check up on me. I feel very fortunate for my care and follow up.
Patient - Herndon Outpatient Surgery Center

Physical Therapy Clinics

This was the best physical therapy experience I have had. I liked all the therapists and I liked that everyone knew me, read the notices and kept an eye on me throughout my sessions. I felt like I was always in good hands. Thank you for getting me going again.
Lucy - Reston PT patient

A+ staff and assistants. Best PT by far that I have ever received. All are awesome and professional. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.
Susan - Herndon PT patient

OrthoVirginia Physical Therapy is my first and only choice for PT. Everyone is courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
Springfield PT patient

The actual physical therapists were excellent and I am able to utilize the majority, if not all, of the exercise performed in the office at home. I would definitely refer the practice to others. The Aides do a great job of re-enforcement of the exercises prescribed by the therapists and the reception staff have been always courteous and flexible in changing/re-scheduling appointments.
Reston PT patient

Everyone is very courteous and informative on all exercises, always ensuring I keep good progress on all I’ve done. They are very good at keeping all patients working in the room without interfering with each other. Thank you for all your help!
Allen - Arlington PT patient

I have been made to feel comfortable and at ease during a difficult time. I could not have asked for a better place to do my therapy.
Fairfax PT patient

Very impressed by the therapist’s sincere interest in my progress.
Tysons Corner PT patient