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Patient Education Manual - Total Knee Replacement

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Knee problems are the most common reason patients visit orthopaedic surgeons. 

As the largest joint in the body and one made up of many components, the knee is complex and particularly susceptible to various types of injury.  Essentially comprised of four bones, the knee is surrounded by muscles that allow for movement, ligaments that provide stability, and a cartilage structure that protects the joint and allows the bones to slide freely against each other.  From torn cartilage to ACL tears, the knee is frequently injured by “weekend warriors” and professional athletes alike.  Osteoarthritis, fractures, and “wear and tear” injuries also cause many patients to seek treatment for pain and degeneration of the knee joint. 

With fellowship-trained sports medicine specialists and surgeons who serve as team physicians for area sports organizations including DC United, George Mason University and eighteen (18) local high schools, our staff is trusted to deliver outstanding care for both amateur and professional athletes.  Additionally, some of our physicians have trained alongside the best arthroscopic surgeons in the country and many are educators and leaders in the field of joint replacement procedures, making our team widely respected as a provider of state-of-the art care for all types of knee problems. 

Muscle-Sparing Total Knee Replacement

Muscle-Sparing Total Knee Replacement

This innovative technique combines the latest minimally invasive methods with a surgical approach that leaves key muscles and tendons intact. Instead of cutting the quadriceps tendon, surgeons make a 3-5 inch incision on the knee and split or dissect under a single quadriceps muscle. Because the incision is very small and no major tendons or muscles are cut, recovery is faster and less painful.

Watch this video to learn more about muscle-sparing total knee replacement

The knee conditions treated at Commonwealth Orthopaedics include: